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Calli Joins her Friends at the Bridge

July 15, 2013
This morning Calli departed her ailing body to join her friends at the Rainbow Bridge. She started having labored breathing last night, but she was still alert and eating a little. This morning she was the same and getting worse, so I took her to vet. I knew her condition was dire, but hoped perhaps some oxygen might buy her more time since she was still interested in food and her surroundings. However, she crashed within minutes of arriving at the vet and passed.

The necropsy showed that the mass in her abdomen that we thought was abscess was actually a tumor. (Which, of course, explains why she didn’t respond to the bicillin or other antibiotics.) I asked my vet to have tissue samples analyzed which may tell us more. [7/21 update: The pathology report shows that the cancer she had was a fairly aggressive intestinal adenocarcinoma.]

I’m devastated at the loss of my feisty, sweet little girl. At least she had a good, long life. (She was 11 years old.) The first three years as a breeder bunny at a feed store weren’t so great, but I made sure the next eight were. She adored and doted on her three boyfriends, and they adored her, too. I hope she is doing lots of happy hops with B.B., Oliver, Marley, and honorary bunny, Lucy, at the Bridge.

Below are some of my favorite photos of Calli (click on thumbnails to enlarge) and the last video I took of Calli as she groomed Marley (don’t miss the yawn at the beginning):

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  1. Jeni permalink

    Sending my deepest sympathies. 😦 Binky free at the bridge, pretty Calli. Gosh, if the photos are any indication, Calli had a very happy, complete life with you. She looks *so*happy* in all her photos. I bet she will be overjoyed to be reunited with all the beloved buns she has had to say goodbye to over the years. Your family will be in my thoughts.

  2. Thank you, Jeni. I do think she had a good life and was happy in the photos… except the one where she’s wearing the Christmas hat/scarf!

    • Jeni permalink

      Hahaha, that’s true. She sure looks adorable, though! 🙂

      • Yes, it was worth a few seconds of her being mad at me to get a few adorable holiday pictures of her (well, not just her… I tortured ALL my bunnies that day!). Fortunately, they are all quick to forgive when I give them a treat.

  3. Christina Moseman permalink

    I am so very sorry Alison. Peace to your beautiful Calli.

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