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One Year Ago Today…

June 15, 2013

It was one year today that the World’s Cutest Bunny went to the bridge. I miss you and love you forever, my precious little Scootie.



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  1. jeni permalink

    I am so sorry. He was such an amazing little guy who touched many lives. I know it has been a very hard year for you; too many wonderful bunnies have left for the bridge. 😦 I hope u r able to find comfort with the ones still here with us.

  2. Thank you, Jeni. It has been an incredibly sad year for me. But yes, my surviving bunnies bring me much comfort and joy, and I have adopted two exceptional new bunnies in the past year that have brought me many smiles: Hobbes (see “Baxter’s New Buddy”) and a very fun Flemish Giant named Bam Bam.

  3. Jeni permalink

    I just read your post about Baxter and Hobbes–how wonderful. Congrats to you and the newly adopted buns–any bunny is lucky to join your family. 🙂 I know the little happiness-es don’t completely fill the space Scooter left behind, but I’m glad they bring you some new smiles.

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