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Marley Has Joined Scootie at the Bridge

June 14, 2013

My sweet little fluff-ball, Marley, passed away a couple mornings ago, on 6/12. This didn’t come as a complete shock as I’ve known since February that he was terminally ill, and for the past few weeks he has been declining very slowly. But the night before he died, he actually stood on his hind legs to beg for his bedtime treat, so I did think I still had some time left with him. The next morning, though, it was obvious that he had taken a terrible turn for the worse overnight. He couldn’t even sit up, and although he actually attempted to eat his favorite treats when I offered them, he didn’t even have the strength to pull them into his mouth. It was clear that it was time to say goodbye, so my husband and I took him to the vet for euthanasia, but he passed before my vet even had a chance to come into the room. I was petting him when he passed, and I had brought his 11-year-old girlfriend, Calli, along, so she was by his side. His passing was very peaceful… I think I petted him for a minute or so before I even realized he was gone.

The necropsy indicated he had stomach cancer and that it had spread to his liver, causing those mysterious calcifications. I always suspected he had cancer, but I’m glad to finally have a definitive answer. I’m very grateful for the months I had with him after we first discovered he was so sick. It gave me time to prepare myself emotionally (as much as one can, anyway), spend more time with him, and spoil him with all his favorite foods. My vet found no sign of inflammation when he did the necropsy, and doesn’t believe he was in pain or suffering. And I never got the sense he was suffering, either. He continued to snuggle with Calli and eat his favorite foods up until the very end.

By the way, it’s the end of an era… Marley was the last of my front-toothless bunnies. (Over the years I’ve had seven. The last five of my bunnies to pass have been front-toothless and they’ve not all been elderly. You can draw your own conclusions.)

I miss my sweet little fluffy guy. It’s just so unfair… Marley was young. His fifth birthday would have been in 12 days from his passing, on 6/24. I’d hoped he’d live to see it. I had a dream that he died a few nights before he did, which woke me up crying. I guess on some level l knew the end was near. I’m trying to find comfort in envisioning Marley at the Rainbow Bridge with Oliver and Scooter, two of his buddies during his too-short time here on earth.

Calli was Marley's sweet companion to the end. She's 11-years-old and misses her boyfriend.

Calli was Marley’s sweet companion to the end. She’s 11-years-old and misses her boyfriend.

Now Calli is alone, and unfortunately, she is not well either. She actually had the same symptoms as Marley (decreased appetite and tiny poops), but she doesn’t have the same diagnosis. Concerned about her symptoms, I took her to the vet a couple weeks ago, and he found a mass in her abdomen. He believed it to be an abscess/infection so he did an ultrasound and fine needle aspirate, and confirmed that the mass is an abscess, which appears to be the result of a wire suture from when she was spayed (not by my vet, who is appalled that wire sutures were used) that after all these years has poked something in her abdomen, causing a small perforation and subsequent infection. She is scheduled to have surgery on Monday to remove the abscess (and the problematic suture), which is very risky, especially considering she is 11-years-old. But the only other option would be to do nothing, and the abscess would kill her for sure. She’s a very spry girl, and has always been very healthy, so I’m not ready to give up on her despite her advanced years.

Here are Calli’s x-rays and radiologist’s report, if you’re interested:

Here are some photos of Marley and his buddies (click to enlarge and read captions):


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  1. jeni permalink

    Oh, little Marley! :´( Rest in peace, sweet bunny. The video of him taking snacks from you through the kitchen window is one of my very favorite bunny videos. My heart goes out to you and Callie.

  2. Julie Bowen, Educator GHRS permalink

    Binkie Free darling Marley! Our sincere condolences to you and Callie on the passing of Marley. He is now with the loved ones that crossed before, happy and healthy again, playing in the fields of soft grass, cool shade, and sparkling waters waiting to eventually be together again with all his loved ones.

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