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Baxter’s New Buddy!

June 14, 2013

It’s been nearly a year since Baxter lost his little buddy, Scooter. Baxter was alone for most of that year, but now has a new friend! A few months after Scootie passed, I tried introducing Baxter to my other single bunnies… Godiva, Monkey, and Tricks… but he was terrified of all of them. (For a short time it looked like it might work out with little Tricks, but then things went downhill when Tricks wouldn’t groom him.) I was very leery of stressing Baxter given his delicate health, so I gave up on trying to bond Baxter with any of the bunnies I currently had.

Then in November I heard about an 8-year-old lop bunny who had just been relinquished at a local shelter. I thought an older, mellow bunny might be a good match for Baxter. But when I met him, he was FAR from mellow. I introduced him to my other singles, but they all hated his overly-enthusiastic nature (if you know what I mean) and I thought he just wasn’t very bondable. But I kept him anyway because I fell head-over-heels in love with this sweet, adorable boy. I named him Hobbes and he became my new “bedroom bunny.” (You can read his story here: At the time, I didn’t feel he’d be a good match for Baxter, and Baxter was having some health issues, so I didn’t attempt to bond them.

But then one day a foster bunny having free-run time in the hallway snuck by me and got into my bedroom, where Hobbes lives, and Hobbes had no negative reaction to this bunny’s intrusion. It was then that I realized that Hobbes was probably very bondable. By then Baxter’s health was stronger, so I decided to give Hobbes and Baxter a try after all.

Normally I always do introductions in neutral territory, but since I’d seen that Hobbes isn’t territorial and neither bunny likes being picked up and moved, my gut told me that the best way to do this bonding would be to just put Baxter in the bedroom with Hobbes and see how they do. My gut was right. I put Baxter down on the floor, Hobbes came over, they sniffed each other for a minute, and both were completely unconcerned. It was so nice to see Baxter not be afraid of another bunny! (Apparently, Baxter only likes other lops. The other bunnies I tried him with last year were all up-ears. Who know bunnies could be ear snobs?) Not only was it not neutral territory, but the dogs were hanging out with us in the bedroom, too! (Neither Baxter nor Hobbes are even remotely afraid of the dogs.)

After a couple hours of watching them with absolutely nothing negative between them, I felt secure enough to leave the room, letting them be unsupervised together, another bonding anomaly. They’ve been living together peacefully in my bedroom ever since, for about five weeks now.

Baxter did go through a phase for a few days where he would mount Hobbes when he didn’t feel Hobbes was grooming him enough, but they seem to be past that, and they enjoy grooming and snuggling with each other. Their bond isn’t as strong as Baxter and Scooter’s special relationship was, but it seems to be solid. And I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I’m very happy that Hobbes still loves me best.

And Baxter LOVES living in a carpeted room. He is getting around better on the thick carpet with his splayed hind legs, and I’ve even seen him do a couple little happy hops!

Here are some photos of the happy new couple (click to enlarge and see captions):










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  1. Jeni permalink

    It’s funny how sometimes you can just tell when it’s gonna work out (and other times the bunnies surprise you!). 😉 I have a little 3# dwarf named, also named Baxter, who is being bonded now, too. When I met Dallas, I suspected they would make a good pair. We are still working on bonding, but it is coming along quite nicely. Congrats on this successful bonding–Baxter looks happy to have a friend again. 🙂

    • Good luck bonding (your) Baxter and Dallas! I’m glad it’s going well so far, and hope they’re madly in love soon! 🙂 I’m working on another bonding among my warren (Monkey and Tricks) and we’re making progress, but it’s been slow-going. I’ve been working on it (on and off) since February. Some bunnies definitely take longer to bond than others.

  2. I think they are almost ready to start living together now. They go everywhere as a pair and seem to enjoy each other’s company more and more. They are living side-by-side at the moment.

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