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The Perfect Christmas Gift from Baxter: Staying Strong!

December 12, 2012

Baxter continues to do well. In response to my last posting, I heard from a very nice, helpful person whose bunny also had thymoma and experienced some of the same symptoms as Baxter. She told me that a couple months after her bunny’s radiation treatments, he also developed flakey skin, but it turned out that his body was sloughing off the old skin in order to regenerate new skin as a result of the radiation. So the flakey skin was actually a good thing. I told my vet about this, and he agreed that was the cause of Baxter’s skin condition, as well. The flakes are gone now, so fortunately, I don’t think it was anything of concern.

Otherwise, not much to report. He seems to be happy and doing well. He’s eating great and his other issues I posted about last time don’t seem to be progressing or causing him any discomfort. Please keep your paws crossed that his good health continues throughout 2013!


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  1. Jeni permalink

    He looks so cute in the pic you posted! : )

    What a brave little guy. I’m glad to hear his health is holding! Merry Christmas to you both!!

  2. Tal permalink

    What a courageous and sweet boy. A Happy and Super Healthy New Year to him! (and you too, of course). My rabbits are crossing their ears for him!
    Could you tell me where you got that interesting looking tunnel?
    Thanks very much,

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