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Baxter Update

November 4, 2012

I took Baxter in for a recheck last week, and his x-rays look good. The radiologist’s assessment was, “Similar, if not better than August. Certainly no evidence of deterioration.” Yea!!!! The radiologist recommended getting x-rays again in 1-2 months.

Baxter does have some other medical issues, but hopefully they’re nothing serious. He’s been having runny eyes, and several times a day he’ll have some huge mushy poops that look and smell like dog poop. (He still has plenty of normal poops.) The first time I saw the mushy poop, I thought Lucy had had an accident! My vet flushed his eyes and prescribed eye drops and antibiotics, but so far I’m not seeing much improvement. I’m going to try to find a kind of probiotic that he won’t reject. (I try to sneak it into his food, but he sniffs it out and won’t eat it. Picky guy!)

He also has a small patch of flaky skin on his back that we confirmed is not mites. I’m concerned that it might be sebaceous adenitis (, but based on the article, the flakes I saw don’t really fit the description. We’ll be looking into that more if it gets any worse. For now I’m just keeping an eye on it and keeping it clean.

The other thing I asked my vet about is his strange sitting posture. He often sits with his hind leg thrust way forward. (See below photos.) He doesn’t always sit this way, and I first noticed this several years ago, so I don’t believe it’s related to his thymoma or radiation. My vet did observe that his hind end is kind of weak. I’m not surprised by this as he is an extremely inactive bunny and probably seldom exercises those muscles. He has free run of our family room and kitchen, but he won’t step off the rugs. I have lots of rugs around for him so that he can go exploring, but he seldom does. Now that Scootie and Lucy are both gone, I don’t even have a baby gate in the doorway anymore since he won’t venture into the rest of the house.

The x-rays showed that he has a little bit of arthritis, which may at least partially explain his strange posture.

My vet says (and I don’t doubt him) that his immune system is probably weakened by the radiation. But despite having a few issues, he’s doing well overall, and I’m SO happy the tumor isn’t coming back so far.


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  1. Krista Hottmann permalink

    Hi,   This is Krista, I was the mom to Roo,a bunny who went through radiation treatment for a thymoma as well. I briefly emailed you in regards to Baxter and the pursuit of treatment, which was also prior to Roo’s passing. Through the disabled rabbit group I mentioned that Roo would be receiving a necropsy and I would post the results as soon as I was able, but I apologize that it has taken me so long to contact you and Baxter. He has been in my mine often. Well to make a long story short, some of the symptoms Baxter is displaying are those I saw in Roo. I would like to talk with you about them but since this is such a complicated topic I would prefer to have  a phone conversation. Please feel free to email me at and I can give you my number. I do look forward to talking to you.   Take care,   Krista

    • It was great talking with you today, Krista! Thanks for sharing all that great info about Roo’s experiences with thymoma.

  2. Jeni permalink

    I have noticed my special needs bun, Bunbun, sit like that, too–with her back legs forward more than usual. She has e.c. & permanent head tilt. Recently her health has declined a little. I’ve noticed a slight weakness in her hindlegs, although our vet checked them out recently & didn’t feel any physical problems with them. If you learn anything more about why Baxter is positioning his legs this way, I hope you will post about it. I’ll be keeping him in my thoughts. I’m so glad to hear that his xrays look good, and I hope the other little problems stay little!!

    • Thanks, Jeni! I’m pretty sure that Baxter does have e.c. (since Scootie was confirmed to have had it), and it certainly has crossed my mind that his posture and hind end weakness could be related. I’m hoping it’s not, though, as my experience with e.c. has been that the symptoms come on pretty quickly. So paws are crossed that it’s not something that is going to develop into a disability. Thank you very much for keeping Baxter in your thoughts, and I will definitely keep everyone updated on this blog. I’m sorry to hear Bunbun’s health has been declining. I will keep her in my thoughts, too! Alison

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