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The Scooter Memorial Garden

July 15, 2012
Scooter's Memorial Garden

I recently received a beautiful surprise from a few of my friends: A garden in honor of my little Scootie’s memory.

The day after Scooter passed, my friend Debra (who was also Scooter’s foster mom before I adopted him), sent an email to my husband that said, “I’ve been sitting here thinking about Scooter and his life; his impact on people and how one small bunny could touch so many hearts; wondering what might be a suitable tribute. I thought it would be nice to do up a little memorial garden in tribute to Scooter. I’d like it to be a surprise for Alison.”

So began the secret planning of the Scooter Memorial Garden. Debra contacted some friends, asking for assistance and contributions towards the project.

Before I go any further with the story, I’d like to thank these friends who participated in the project:

First and foremost, a huge thanks to the “planting crew,” who spent an entire afternoon planting the garden: Debra, Larry D, Gerry S, and my hubby, George. (You will see what a big job this was when you view the “before and after” photos below!)

And a heartfelt thank you to everyone else who contributed to the project, either with a monetary donation, item for the garden, labor, and/or supplies: Cindy B, Diane C, Cathy C, Debbie D & John P, Larry D & Michelle W, April K, Leslie L, John & Kristi K, Phyllis M, Patricia M, Judith P, Mary S, Gerry S, Tamara & Scott S, Shelley T, Sylvia W, George, and of course the mastermind of the project, Debra.

George and Debra discussed where the garden would be planted, and ultimately decided the big planter along the patio outside my office would be the perfect spot for it. Debra came over when I wasn’t home to measure the area, and then drew up plans and made all the necessary arrangements for the big “planting day.” Debra chose the Peruvian Lily as the primary plant of the garden as I’d seen them in her yard awhile back and had commented on how beautiful I thought they were.

My Mom was in town from Florida visiting while all this was going on, so my family co-conspired to keep me away from home the day of the planting, which was no easy feat… several times I managed to unknowingly interfere with plans when I stayed home longer than I intended, usually to care for my sick bunny, Oliver. On the day of the planting, I left over an hour later than I was supposed to, but after I finally departed, the “planting crew” got the signal from George that the coast was clear for them to come over.

As I lounged around and played games with my family at my brother’s house in Poway that day, I had no idea my husband and friends were slaving away on my patio!

I got home after dark that night, so I didn’t learn about the garden until the next morning. As soon as I woke up, George said he had something to show me and led me outside to my patio. I couldn’t believe my eyes! He told me the whole story and I was just blown away and moved beyond words. What a beautiful, generous thing for my friends to do. I had NO idea anything was going on, and I am still amazed that they got that entire garden planted in one day.

So every day now, I enjoy the beauty of the garden. It serves as not only a tribute to Scooter, but to all of our special bunnies who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge and are frolicking there… now with Scootie.

Sadly, a few very special bunnies have already recently joined Scooter, and are the newest honorees of the Memorial Garden: Phyllis’s Leo, Judith’s Rugby, and my little Oliver. We will love and remember them always.

Here are photos from this project. Click on the first picture to start the slideshow:


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  1. How beautiful!!I love it. 🙂 What a wonderful memorial for Scootie & Oliver (so sorry about his passing too).

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