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My Little Fighter

June 13, 2012

Sadly, Scootie’s little body continues to fail him. He’s been having a lot of mucus in his poop again, and doesn’t urinate on his own, so I am now expressing his bladder for him. This has been making me revisit the “quality of life” question, but he’s still eating enthusiastically and I believe he enjoys our snuggle time, so I don’t think he’s ready to say goodbye yet. And I know I’M not ready!

I probably don’t have much longer with him, so I continue to make my quality time with him a priority. No matter how busy I am, I make sure I set aside several hours every day to cuddle with him. In the evenings he’s up on the sofa with me on my lap in his little bed, and I feed him his favorite treat, shredded carrots, throughout the evening. He snatches them out of my hand, eating them as fast as he can, until he eventually falls asleep while I’m petting him. Then a few minutes later, he’ll suddenly wake up and start begging for more. Of course, he can’t beg by standing up and climbing all over me like he used to, so instead he stretches up his head as high as he can, and quickly looks from side to side. “Where are they? Where are my carrots?”

As for big, sweet Baxter, he is halfway through his radiation treatments and seems to be doing well. He’s not thrilled with the weekly trips to the animal hospital, but he’s being a good sport about it. He’s a little off and not eating as much as normal, but he’s always willing to take a treat. I’ve not noticed any eye-bulging lately, so I’m optimistic that the tumor is shrinking. I’m keeping my paws crossed and repeating my mantra: “Cancer be gone, Baxter be strong!”

Here are some video clips of Scootie eating, drinking, and grooming himself recently. You can see he still has a zest for life (and love for carrots!):


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  1. Cindy permalink

    Have you tried the probiotic made specifically for rabbits from Nutramax?

  2. Jeni permalink

    Oh, Scootie… keep eating & pooping & fighting, little buddy!! We are sending you healing vibes. And Baxter, keep up the good work. Such lucky bunnies to have such a wonderful caretaker. My heart goes out to you!!

  3. juliette raine permalink

    So adorable xx

  4. Lovely souls both you and Scootie. Thank you for the videos…he will always be a very inspirational little guy.

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