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“Cancer be gone, Baxter be strong”

June 2, 2012
Baxter & Scootie sharing a salad

That’s my new mantra as Baxter goes through his radiation treatments, one per week for the next six weeks. He got his first one yesterday.

It went fine. They actually had to sedate him twice because, since it was his first treatment, it took them a little longer to get everything lined up based on the CT scan, and when they were ready to do the radiation, he started moving around. So, they had to give him another dose. The doc said future treatments will be quicker and easier.

After we got home, I gave him some salad, and he enthusiastically ate some, but then I checked on him a minute later and he was just sitting there zoned out. So I reminded him of the salad in front of him and he enthusiastically gobbled some more until he zoned out again.

Today he’s OK, although his appetite isn’t what it normally is. It actually has been waning for the past few weeks, so I don’t necessarily think this is a result of the radiation as much as it is of the tumor itself.

As for Scootie, he had a bad day yesterday. It started off fine, but by evening, he was clearly not feeling well. He was rejecting food (NOT normal), and a lot of mucus was coming out of his bottom (which I haven’t seen in a long time… his poops have actually been quite great lately). He was eating a little, though, so I gave him some Sucralfate to soothe his belly and hand fed him as much as I could for several hours last night. He’s much better today.

I suspect the reason for his decline was due to dehydration, so I’ve put him back on sub-q fluids, which he’s been getting 3x/week. I took him off them earlier this week because I was hoping he was getting enough fluids from the water he’s drinking and the wet veggies, but apparently not. I won’t try that again!



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  1. Jeni permalink

    Scooter and Baxter, we are rooting for you both!! I think mentioned the elderly Flemish Giant I’ve been fostering–named Opal–who lost the use of her back legs. She had been going downhill the past month or so and passed away just a little over a week ago. : ( It is so hard to watch their bad days, but they are still so brave and stronger than you’d ever expect. I hope you are doing okay despite the tough day yesterday. They look so cute in the pic–such adorable guys!!

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