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It’s a Sign!

April 27, 2012

Check it out… there’s a street in Fallbrook named after Scooter! (Thanks, Cathy, for taking this photo and sending it to me!)

Scooter's street sign

Scootie is doing well. He seems to be perky and comfortable, his weight has stabilized, his poops are dry, and his appetite is great. I can’t really hope for anything beyond that right now.


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  1. Yeah!! So glad to hear that about Scooty!! How is Ollie doing??

    • Ollie had his surgery on Thursday where they removed the abscess and the bad tooth. It was a very intense surgery, and my vet said he is “one tough little bunny.” Paws crossed for a speedy recovery and no recurrences of the abscesses.

  2. Jeni permalink

    That’s great news. ; ) We’re rooting for you, Scooter!!

  3. Jaow Totoro permalink

    Send you and Scootie hugs and moral support.
    I love you. And always be your big fan!!

  4. Ashley permalink

    I don’t know you or Scooter personally but being a bunny lover myself, my heart both smiles and breaks when I see these videos. I know this all must be such an emotional time for everyone but I hope he can keep on fighting the good fight up to the very end. (getting a little teary!)

    • Thank you, Ashley! That’s very sweet of you, and I really appreciate your concern and support for my special little guy.

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