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Perchance to Dream…

April 24, 2012

I had a dream last night that Scootie completely recovered… I’d been carrying him and when I set him down, he didn’t lie down, but instead started walking, then hopping, his leaps growing bigger and bigger as he got stronger with every movement. I was overjoyed, and for a second after I woke up, I thought that it was true. But then reality hit. Sigh. It was a wonderful dream, though.

Speaking of dreams, below is a cute video of his little mouth twitching while he was sleeping yesterday. I wonder if he was dreaming that he can hop again, too. He’s in his no-go cart (a.k.a. “his throne”) which I put him in for a few hours every day since he seems very comfortable in it, often dozing off. (Warning: this video may lull you to sleep):


I’m hopeful that his weight has leveled off. I’ve been extremely worried about his weight loss, but the last three times he was weighed (he gets weighed every other day), his weight was the same. Phew!

I’ve started changing his position throughout the day so as not to put too much stress on any one part of his body. At first I wasn’t sure if he liked that, but he looked comfortable, and he was still taking food from me, so I think he was OK with it. Overall, he still seems to be content and comfy.


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  1. Debra permalink

    He’s dreaming of FOOD…nibble nibble, munch munch.

  2. Sylvia permalink

    Awww… this post really moved me. We’ll have to find a fairy who can grant wishes!

    Glad the weight seems to have leveled off. I agree with one of your previous posts… I think he lost all his muscle mass in his hind legs and butt (that’s a lot of muscle mass right there, since it’s where most of a bunny’s power is centered). Now that process is more or less complete, he’s stopped losing weight. So that’s good at least! It means he’s eating enough to fuel everything else.

    It’s nice that his no-go cart keeps him comfy, too. It’s Scootie’s very own hammock!

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