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Scootie’s “No Go” Cart

April 16, 2012

I’m afraid the new cart is a bust. We’ve modified it several times to try to get it so that he can roll it, but unfortunately, he just doesn’t seem to have the upper-body strength to pull himself in it. Scootie’s spirit is strong, but his body is not.

Last week I had his hind end shaved where his fur was always wet, and it has been hugely helpful in keeping him clean and dry. It’s sad, though… without the fur, you can see how skinny his legs and bottom are. He has no muscle left at all. He is literally skin and bones down there. His most recent weight was 1.9 lbs which means he’s lost over a pound, and I’m guessing a lot of that is muscle mass. His belly still feels round and healthy, though, and he is still eating and taking his meds like a champ.

Here is a cute video I took a couple days ago of Scootie and Oliver (my other precious “problem child”) taking their meds with great enthusiasm:


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  1. How did you make the cart for Scooter? I have an elderbun with weak hind legs that might like some kind of cart. Yours seems safer to me than some of the other wheel chairs I’ve seen. Is it made of PVC pipes? Maybe they are too big/heavy for your little guy? maybe you can use it to wheel him around from room to room so he doesn’t have to get picked up as much? It seems to be good to have him in a different position, so it does seem to be a good idea for him, even if it didn’t work out like you intended.

    Sorry to hear your other bunny is sick and that Scooter is having more troubles. I love my bunny dearly; he has been my constant companion for 9 1/2 years. It breaks your heart to see them become ill. It looks like your buns are well loved and happy and appreciate all you’ve done for them.

    God bless,


    • Hi Brenda,
      Yes, I made it from PVC pipe and some special lightweight wheels I bought at a hobby store (model airplane wheels). Then I sowed the fleece on it. The cart is very light, but Scootie is so tiny and so weak. I think most bunnies would be able to pull it, but by the time I finished making it, Scootie’s muscles were too atrophied.
      Thank you for your well wishes for both my bunnies. I hope the best for your bunny. Nine-and-a-half years is a long time! I’ve had Baxter and Scooter for eight+ years, and it’s hard to imagine life without them. They’ll always be with me, though.

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