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Just a “quick” (yet long-winded) update

April 6, 2012

Unfortunately, we’ve not had a “good poop” day since my last posting, and it’s getting a little worse every day. His poop is soft and covered in mucus, causing me to need to give him 5-6 butt baths a day. (Or a wipe-down with baby wipes when that will suffice.) So at this point, figuring out if this can be remedied, and keeping him clean and dry have become my top priorities.

I don’t know what is causing his poops to be so bad. He did have this problem before he became disabled, but I was able to keep it under control with a medication called Sucralfate that’s used to treat stomach ulcers, which we believe he has. Now, however, the Sucralfate isn’t helping. I don’t know if that’s because he’s too bad off to respond to it, or if it’s because something else is causing the mucus. I had a fecal test done, but it came back normal.

I started another medication (amphojel) on him that a friend suggested that helped her bunny’s digestive issues. (Thank you, Debbie.) He’s also on a product called G.I. Soothe that another friend gave me a sample of for Scootie. (Thank you, Shelley.) I’ve also started him back on probiotics. We’ll see if any of these things help. I’m open to any other suggestions of theories as to the cause, and possible remedies. (He’s lucky to have so many guardian angels!)

I feel that the mucus could be from stress. He doesn’t appear stressed, but I know all this must be stressful to his body and mind. He has to get sub-q fluids every day, plus get picked up multiple times a day for baths, which I know he hates. I think I need to have more of the fur on his bottom shaved. I was going to have that done today, but my favorite “butt-shaving” RVT wasn’t in, so I’ll have it done on Monday.

I tried diapers on him yesterday and today, but they didn’t stay on. I’m not very optimistic they would help much in his case, anyway.

I’ve been thinking about his quality of life a lot. It’s hard for me to see him like this, but I believe he still wants to be here. He is still very enthusiastic about eating, and still loves to snuggle. Every night I sit with him on my lap for a couple hours, to spend some quality time with him. (Before he became immobilized, he used to voluntarily jump up onto the sofa and onto my lap every night to snuggle with me, so I know this is something he enjoys.) While he’s on my lap, I feed him treats and pet him. He usually starts grinding his teeth and falls asleep while I’m petting him. I’m just cherishing every moment I have with him.

Here are a few recent photos of him. The first couple are pics of a very shallow “litter box” I set up for him. I had been just putting hay in front of him, but I’m trying to minimize the mess somewhat… anything that’s on the ground can end up getting stuck to his fur. The box in this photo has worked fairly well, except that of course, Baxter chooses it over his normal litter box. (Just like a kid… whatever the OTHER kid has MUST be better!) The next few are pics I took today of him eating pellets, and then falling asleep while eating!

The new cart is almost finished! Stay tuned for that…


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