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A shaved butt and the poop scoop

March 31, 2012

(That’s gotta be one of the weirder blog titles ever posted!)

Today George (my husband) and I went to the Safari Park (f.k.a. Wild Animal Park), which meant I was away from home for a long time. That was hard for me to do… I felt guilty being away from Scootie (especially) for so long. But he did well. In fact, I was very happy when I got home to see him sitting next to a big pile of beautiful DRY poops! (I know that sounds odd to get so excited about poop, but I have a feeling everyone reading this understands!)

Twice this week when I’ve taken him to the vet, his temp was very low. I was surprised because he was acting perky and eating voraciously. So my vet said he probably had a low temp because he was cold “down there” where the thermometer goes because his bottom was wet. He needs frequent butt baths due to his pee mixing with the mucus poops. So I took him to the vet before we left this morning and had his butt shaved around his tail. (I thought about taking a photo of his shaved butt for this blog, but really, do you want to see that??) He needs to stay dry or he’ll get skin infections, and it’ll be much easier to keep him dry without all that thick fur. (And he does seem to have exceptionally thick, soft fur.) However, when I got home tonight, I was amazed and delighted that no butt bath was needed! He was dry and clean!

So I have to say, relatively speaking, this was a very good day… a clean butt and pile of dry poops. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. The only thing that would have made me happier would have been to come home and discover that Scootie had miraculously regained the use of his hind legs.





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One Comment
  1. shelia p permalink

    I understand about cleaning a rabbit’s bottom and ocasionaly I have to clean Val bottom.
    Good luck.

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