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His back-end don’t work, but his front-end sure do!

March 30, 2012

Scootie is not doing any better since my last post, and in fact, is worse. We took him off the Amikacin because it wasn’t helping. My understanding is that this means the infection is in his central nervous system, and not responsive to antibiotics. He is still on Baytil, though, as well as daily sub-q fluids.

I miss the poops that were in that last video I posted (3/22). He no longer has dry poops like that… lately they have been mushy and covered with mucus. But just this afternoon, for the first time in several days, there were actually some dry ones, which was encouraging. I’m hoping that the mushy poops were from the Amikacin, and that now that he’s off of it, his gut issues will improve. My vet said that the Amikacin shouldn’t cause stomach upset, but Scootie seems to make up his own bunny rules.

Yesterday at his vet appointment, I asked about his runny eyes (which he’s never had before). Turns out he has an eye infection in both eyes. And that developed while he was on three different antibiotics! My vet feels that his immune system has basically shut down. 😦

The good news is that he continues to be perky and have an excellent appetite. Here is a video from last night and today showing how enthusiastically he’s eating:

My vet and I still feel Scootie’s not in pain or suffering, so I will continue to do everything I can to keep him comfortable and improve his quality of life as best as I can.

As for the cart, I’ve pretty much given up on the cart that we tried before. It’s a great little cart, but Scootie was very scared of it. I believe the main problem was that he didn’t like being strapped in. So my hubby and I have been building a new, less scary cart for him. We tried it out today for the first time, and… {drum roll}… it didn’t work. It had promise, though, and he wasn’t scared of it, so we will tweak it and try again!

A few days ago I put up a “fence” around their area so that I could free-feed him (hopefully Baxter doesn’t get fat!) without Lucy eating all the food. (Lucy is part Shih Tzu and part vacuum cleaner.) The fence is only 14″ high, but it’s enough to keep Lucy out. And it’s easy for me to step over, which is nice. And if you know Baxter, you know he wouldn’t jump out (he’s just not the adventurous type). I think it’s more likely that Scootie would jump out! 😉 Here’s a photo of their new fenced-in area:

New "fenced" area. (Notice Baxter's back legs in the box behind Scooter... he's doing a big stretch!)


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  1. Honor permalink

    Hey Alison have you joined Amy Spirtman’s disabled bunnies blog on Yahoo?? It’s a great place to get info/advise for you and Scootie. Do you remember her Bijou??

    • Yes, I joined the Disabled List back in 2006 when BB got head tilt, and got active on it again recently, as soon as I saw that Scootie was mobility issues. They are indeed a good resource.

  2. Sylvia permalink

    The video is adorable… Okay, you can leave now. LOL

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