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Hanging in there…

March 21, 2012

Not much to report today on Scootie. He seems to be about the same… appetite good, mobility bad. Just keeping my fingers crossed that we see some improvement on the new antibiotic.

I’ve tried the cart a couple more times, but he just seems to be terrified of it. I’m sure that’s partly because I have to pick him up to put him in it. He really hates being handled right now, and “runs” (drags himself) away from me as fast as he can whenever I put him down after picking him up. I can’t blame him… usually when I pick him up, it’s to take him to the vet, give him a bath, give him meds, shots, etc. The only handling he doesn’t mind is when I pick him up to put him on the sofa with me to snuggle… thankfully, he definitely still loves to cuddle with his mom!

Here’s how Scootie looks right now:


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  1. Patricia permalink

    He’s still that handsome boy!

  2. How long did Dr. L think it would take for the new meds to kick in and you can tell if it’s helping??

  3. Honor permalink

    Keeping everything crossed here too that you see improvement and he gets better ASAP!!

  4. katdollyrouge permalink

    Hi Alison! I found Scooter’s blog from the Disabled Rabbits message board which I just joined. My Pixie is in the vet hospital after suddenly suffering quadriplegia. I’m hoping and praying that he’ll at least get movement back in his front paws so we can get him a cart, and I’ll be following Scooter’s progress with lots of interest. All the very best get well soon wishes for Scooter.

    • Sylvia permalink

      To katdollyrouge… when you say quadriplegia, what exactly do you mean? One of my bunnies went “floppy” last year… she could still move her legs, but had all four legs splayed out to the sides and seemed too weak or uncoordinated to keep herself upright. Sadly it turned out that she was in shock from liver torsion, and the “floppiness” which we thought was the main symptom (we were looking for a neurological cause) was just a side effect. We didn’t figure it out quickly enough, and I lost her. Make sure your vets check for causes of systemic shock.

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