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Scooter’s scooter!

March 19, 2012

The good news is we found a cart for Scootie! (Thanks SDHRS!) The bad news is that his first time driving it didn’t go so well. I didn’t expect him to immediately take off in it, and he got a little out of control. He took the first couple of corners fine, but then he got flustered, and reared up in it a couple times. I gave him a treat, which seemed to calm him down, but then he took off again, ran into my husband (who was lying on the floor to video him), then got stuck on the corner of a wall, and then he ran over his companion, Baxter. Then to make matters worse, I had a little trouble getting him out of the cart. Afterwards, he seemed pretty traumatized by the whole experience.

Below is the video. For those of you who have experience with this sort of thing, I have a couple questions after you view it:

First of all, does it look like this cart fits him well? It seems to me it does, except I’m not sure about that bar that goes over his neck. I think maybe it needs to be back a bit further, over his shoulder blades? I actually don’t really understand what that bar does… anyone know? It seems like it bothered him. Otherwise, I think it’s a great little Scooter scooter!

Second, any advice on acclimating him to the cart? I do want to try again, but I want to be sure it’s a positive experience for him. I think when/if he gets used it, he’ll really like it.

Here’s the video:



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  1. Laurie permalink

    I don’t really have any hands on experience with bunnies and carts. But I **think** again not sure, that his hind legs should go over the bar in the back. This way he won’t get sore hind paws from they dragging on the ground. Also I think Scooter may be reacting with a little panic to how the care FEELS on him, and not to the actual cart itself. If you really think about it from the rabbit’s perspective, as a animal that in the wild is always a bigger predator’s lunch, the bar over his neck may feel like something trying to pick him up off of the ground by the scruff of his neck, like a hawk or eagle. I think if you keep sessions short at first then gradually make them longer, he will learn to adjust to the feel of it and get better at steering too : ) The only caution I would tell you is be sure to check him for any spots where the cart is rubbing and might make him sore after each use. You are doing a great job taking care of Scooter. I look forward to hearing how he is adjusting. Best wishes. Laurie

  2. Phyllis McLaughlin permalink

    My thought was the same as Laurie’s ~ that I don’t think his feet should be dragging on the floor. Also, that it makes sense it will take some getting used to. Seems to me he did quite good for a first try.

  3. the cart needs to be fitted to Scooter and his feet should not be dragging on floor- Eventually this will cause isses with his legs – Well , what is really important is who fitted him for this cart? Has you vet seen him in his cart? This fit looks unusual. Perhpas he has some injury we dxo not know about.
    I think he needs to be properly fitted for his cart/.
    He takes to the cart Very well ….Casper seems a bit put off –
    Scooter has tons of energy!
    Love, Auntie

  4. Eileen Lee permalink

    I agree with the comments above. Some small adjustments. He seemed to do pretty good to me.


  5. Debra permalink

    I too had the same experience with bunnies and carts. If they were strong enough and able they’d take off. I didn’t ever get the feeling they were running from it. I felt that they sort of got going and didn’t realize how fast they were moving…sort of like running down hill. He didn’t appear startled in the video to me; a bit perplexed when he got into the corner (that’s why I think the rollerball type wheels would be better suited to carts).

    Maybe try your clicker training to get him thinking about the cart? Look at cart/sniff cart/move towards cart. A different approach and maybe the mental stimulus would be good for him too?


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