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The Scootie Scoop – part 2

March 16, 2012

Yesterday was a very interesting day… I took Scootie to the vet first thing in the morning, and it’s a good thing I did, because Dr. Loudis found a lump on the base of his spine. He didn’t feel it last week, and neither did Dr. Bausone on Tuesday, so this is something that just developed since Tuesday. I’m assuming it must have been brewing all along and somehow causing these problems, but it wasn’t detectable last week. It didn’t show up on last week’s x-rays, but it definitely showed up on yesterday’s x-rays. So Dr. Loudis aspirated the lump and found that it is an abscess. He went in to clean it out and get a better idea of where the abscess is coming from. Turns out it’s in his spinal cord! Ack! NOT good. Dr. Loudis said he’s NEVER seen or heard of this before. (Figures… MY bunny would get this.) He says there’s no way to (safely) do surgery on it, so all we can do is hope that the antibiotic we’re about to start him on (Chloramphenicol) can knock it out.

At the vet yesterday, we also did sub-q fluids and a blood test. Scootie was a bit anemic, but the rest of the numbers looked good… kidney and liver values were normal. So that’s a bit of good news. And Dr. Loudis said that he doesn’t think Scooter is in pain. Between the fluids and getting that abscess cleaned out, he seemed a bit perkier last night than he did the day before. Today he seems a bit subdued. Hopefully by tonight he’ll be acting more like how he was acting last night… here’s a video of him last night:

Overall, sad to say, the prognosis isn’t good. But Scooter has surprised us once before with a miraculous recovery, so I will not be giving up on my little guy. Please help me pray for a miracle.

Meanwhile, I do have a couple leads on carts for him, but now that he has this abscess on the base of his spine (it’s right between his hip bones), I need to be careful that whatever cart I get won’t rub on that area and irritate it. Hopefully over the next few days I will figure out what cart will best suit his needs.

A HUGE thank you to my friend Phyllis who has made it her mission to find a cart for Scootie. She posted a request on both her Facebook and Bunspace pages, and an incredibly generous lady named Cindy replied to Phyllis’s Bunspace plea. Not only did Cindy offer her bunny’s (who has passed) cart to Scootie, but she also offered to transport it from her home in Yuma. And Phyllis was going to meet her halfway to get it. On top of that, Cindy said that if her cart wasn’t what I needed for Scootie, she would BUY whatever cart I wanted for him! I’m so blown away by her and Phyllis’s generosity that I cry whenever I think about it. Bunny people are the best!


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  1. Sarah permalink

    Sending love to Scootie, and yay for Phyllis and Cindy!! 🙂

  2. Wonderful news for Scooter- Thank you to cindy! (and Phyllis!) Love to all I will be thignking of you
    Love, AUntie Heather

  3. sending positive thoughts and love to you and scootie.

  4. suzy permalink

    First, I love Scootie, and his videos. Second, for a bunny his age, he’s doing awesome. I think the part of the cart across his shoulders could go a little further on his back. Third, go to Trinket on bunspace, and ask her mom how this girl got adjusted to it. She has several videos, too. Trinket is over the bridge now, but if I ever need a bunny cart, she’ll be the one I go to, and you, too!


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