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March 15, 2012

I’ve created this blog to keep Scooter’s “fans” updated on his condition. It all started a couple weeks ago when I noticed that Scooter (a.k.a. “Scootie”), who is ~10-11 years old, was dragging his right hind leg slightly. It was so subtle at first that I wasn’t even sure I saw it, but then it started getting worse. On 3/7, I took him to my great bunny vet (Dr. Loudis at All Pets in Encinita) where we had x-rays done. Neither my vet nor the radiologist saw any arthritis or cause for his mobility issues.

We started Scooter on Panacur right away in case his condition was a symptom of e. cuniculi, but my vet really didn’t think that was the cause. He felt it was more likely a spine issue and suggested that I try some sort of holistic treatment such as acupuncture. So I made an appointment at Acacia with Dr. Bausone for his first available opening the following week. I was a bit concerned that the stress of the long car ride (about 40 minutes away) might negate the beneficial effects of treatment, but I decided to take the chance since Scooter typically a pretty easy-going bunny, and handles car rides well.

I took this video of Scooter showing his mobility on 3/11/12:

On Tuesday, I took him in for his appointment with Dr. B. He reviewed the x-rays, felt his spine, and recommended a combination of V.O.M. (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation) and laser therapy. So that’s what we did. Scooter did not seem to mind the treatment at all. When I got home, Scooter’s condition was worse. I do not feel at all that anything went wrong during his treatment (Dr. B is a wonderful vet, too), but rather that the stress of the entire outing, especially the car ride, was just too much for him and aggravated his condition. During the drive, Scooter kept falling over in his carrier and getting contorted as he tried to right himself. (Obviously, I came up with a way for him to travel more comfortably after that trip.)

Here are some pictures of Scooter getting his V.O.M. and laser therapy (click to view larger):

Here is a video that compares how he was on 3/11 with how he was on 3/14, the day after his treatments:

As you can see, his condition is much worse. I have sent out a plea to the various rabbit groups I’m on asking if anyone has a tiny bunny cart they might be able to loan me. Scooter is only 3 pounds, so it must be a very small one. My wonderful husband is also looking into making one for him. My Scootie is very active and adventurous, and I want him to be mobile, even if it means using wheels. This will be his “Scooter scooter.”


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